Saturday, 26 February 2011

Cakey, Cakey! - Cake Pops

I made a couple of large celebration cakes for people this week and had quite a lot of sponge off-cuts which, without jam, buttercream and icing, are just lacklustre carbs.  I'd been toying with the idea of trying out some cake pops for a while and had even ordered the sticks off t'internet so this seemed the ideal opportunity to have a go at them.  The method is as follows:

Take your lovingly baked sponge cake and chop the hell out of it.
Make some buttercream icing and combine enough of it with the cake to allow you to roll the mixture into balls
Shove the mixture in the fridge for half an hour
Roll the mixture into balls (or in this case I molded them into cupcake shapes) and refrigerate
Meanwhile melt some chocolate, I used dark chocolate and some white chocolate that I coloured pink

As I was using two types of chocolate I covered one side of the cake with  the dark chocolate first and then inserted the cake pop sticks into each cake and allowed the first lot of chocolate to set before using the pink chocolate on the top.  I decorated each mini cupcake with sprinkles and flowers and rammed the cake pop sticks into some polystyrene to allow them to set. 
When they were set I wrapped them in cellophane and tied with some of my lovely 'Goody Gum Drops' ribbon.
I was quite pleased that I had enough melted chocolate left over to have a go with my metal chocolate molds that have been knocking about in my cupboard for ages
The finished chocs


  1. Is there no end to your talent! There was me thinking you were going to put it in a trifle. I love it, we always just eaten it with a bit of ice cream possibly because I'm too tired at the end of cake decorating to think of anything else!

  2. mmmmmmmmm they look gorgeous! you are such a clever bunny :o)

  3. Mmmm trifle. :)

    Thanks for the cake pop love ladies, I've yet to try one but others have said they're yummy but one is enough.

  4. Those are amazing!
    And the chocolates look gorgeous too!

  5. Mmmmmm they look delicious :)

  6. You are so clever. I'm in awe. I would never think to colour chocolate pink - that's inspired!

    Also your chocloate moulds are pristine - mine are from charity shops and ever-so-slightly rusty!

    Cake pops look fab x


  7. Thanks for the lovely comments! :)

  8. They look delicious! I love the look of them, especially the gum drop ribbon- I am such a sucker for pretty ribbons! Bx

  9. Gorgeous!!!!! I find cake pop making quite addictive once you get going!! I might have to have a go at these ones!!!

    Thanks for linking up!!!!

  10. really lovable. so sweet cakes.


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