Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Am I A Little Belter Or An Old Bag?

I LOVE accessories, belts, bags, brooches, rings, hats, gloves and scarves.  I'm like a magpie, if it's shiny, I WANT it.

During the winter months there's not much point accessorising as it hardly gets seen beneath my many layers, so sadly my collection of curios hasn't had an airing for a while, so I thought I'd give my odds and sods a viewing on here...

I've already blogged about my love of Louis Vuitton but I couldn't do a post on accessories without including my babies, so here they are
This is just part of my ever expanding belt collection (hopefully my waist won't follow suit or I won't be able to wear any of them!), my fave is the cougar belt (fourth up from the bottom), which was a surprise gift from Mr Right
I love cocktail or dress rings, anything massive and a little bit different, here's my collection.  I love the big gold blinking doll's eye, the day of the dead skull and the pink plastic pony.
I also love a brooch, I have so many that don't see the light of day that I decided to frame them (there are some necklaces, hat pins and scarf clips in there for good measure)
My current faves are the diamante flamingo that lives on my leopard print faux fur coat (another gift from the ever-generous Mr Right)
and this vintage floral number
This is the latest addition to my brood, this handsome devil lives on my camel coat (you guessed it, yet another gift from my lovely man)
I have a large collection of berets, beanies, scarves and gloves but pictures of those are a tad dull so I'll post this one of the LOVE/HATE tattoo gloves that I embroidered last year.  I wore them a couple of times but they started to get a bit grubby and I wasn't sure how well they'd fare in the washing machine so I decided to frame them too


  1. What a fabulous collection!

    And I am ever so (completely and utterly) slightly envious of your LV collection!


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