Friday, 14 January 2011

Where Has All The Glamour Gone?*

*and, more importantly, will it ever return?

I think I have a touch of Seasonal Affective Disorder at the moment.  I've got a serious case of the winter blues going on.  I am sick of wearing jumpers or fleeces, leggings or tracksuit bottoms.  Even if I bother to make an effort with my attire it's permanently hidden inside massive padded coats and accessorising with bobble hats and gloves cancels out all my hard work anyway, so why bother?  Where has all the glamour gone?

This winter seems never-ending and there's nothing planned at the moment to look forward to.  I was even cheated out of my Christmas glamour as our social engagements that I would have taken great pleasure in glamming up for were cancelled due to the heavy snow.

Just becoming a mum again after a 7 year gap makes me feel dowdy.  I haven't had to worry about snot, vomit or worse decorating my clothes in a long time.  The only embellishments that were added to my garments were brooches or scarves, speaking of scarves, I tried to glam up my home attire with a long scarf draped chicly twice around my neck and it almost resulted in my death.  I was vacuuming and bent over to move and errant toy from the Dyson's path and one end of the scarf almost got sucked up into the rotating brushes, could you think of a more unglamorous way to go?  Oh the irony!
Perhaps if the Daleks had vacuum nozzles
instead of sink plungers they might have been victorious
against the Doctor
I remember not so long ago I was a gym bunny, I wasn't chasing dust bunnies under the sofa, when it was designer handbags rather than nappy bags and when it was Lindt chocolate rather than dryer lint.

What's this?  As I type the sun has made a sheepish appearance, I'm hoping it's a sign.  The weather is trying to glam up by adding a bit of sparkle so hopefully I will be able to do likewise again very soon.

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