Friday, 21 January 2011

Postman Prat

On Wednesday morning I had a knock at the door and our local street cleaner asked me if I was awaiting a delivery of photographs, which I was.  He said that he had found a damaged package containing 4 wallets of prints on the pavement of a nearby street on Monday and instead of binning them had been nice enough to do a spot of detective work and return them to me.  

I sent an e-mail of thanks to the council for their street cleanser's act of kindness and got straight onto the phone to Royal Mail to make a complaint.  I was horrified that 250+ pictures of my kids had been abandoned by the delivery person on a street in the pouring rain with my address on the front for any weirdo to perv over.

On the day that my photographs were being liberated the same delivery person had left a package sticking out of a neighbour's letter box and had left a recorded delivery item on the front doorstep of Mrs B's house.  It's fortunate that we live in an area where people are honest but I dread to think that my photos could have got into someone sinister's clutches or that the unsecured parcels could have been stolen.

I asked the woman delivering my post on Thursday if she had been doing the same round on Monday but it transpired that she hadn't, although amongst my own post she was kind enough to leave me letters for two other houses by mistake, one of which being a bank statement!!  And could only proffer a feeble 'sorry' as she got into her car, leaving me to post the letters through my neighbours' letterboxes!

I am at present sorting out a compensation claim with Royal Mail for the damaged photographs, Truprint are being really helpful, I think they are going to pursue the claim on my behalf which is a result.  I will keep you 'posted'


  1. That is absolutely shocking! To just leave a package in the street WTF??! Photos are so precious too, especially now it's so easy to just bung them on a hard drive, getting them printed is really special, I think. What a lovely dustman you have, has he considered becoming a postman? sounds like he'd do a better job.

    Hope you get some compensation, and at the very least, a new postman on your round! x

  2. Hey PPJ, Glad you're as outraged as I was, terrible 'service' from a company that should know how to deal with sensitive items.

    Sadly a lot of our local street cleaners are getting the elbow with the austerity cuts, perhaps I should suggest he becomes a postman if he gets the heave ho. x


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