Sunday, 2 January 2011

Flower Power

Mr Right is a rare breed of male that actually listens to his wife, I know, I'm a lucky lady and believe me I appreciate this fact.  At birthdays and Christmas I always get a few gifts that I haven't specifically asked for but have mentioned a longing for at some point during the preceding year.  A few Christmases ago it was a canal knife.  I had mentioned how much I hate shop-bought frozen carrots and how I had a longing for flower-shaped carrots like a TV chef at the time was making.  Mr Right searched out the device I required from a catering supplier and we've had flower-shaped frozen carrots ever since!
For a while now I have harboured a desire for an antique initial embossing machine but they are far to big for my over-stuffed craft bureau so Mr Right did a bit of secret squirrel investigation and as of this Christmas I am the proud owner of this little baby
It's a sweet little device from Japan with interchangeable letters and it's my new favourite toy, thanks Mr Right. x


  1. I adore your embossing tool, please can you tell me where it is from!

  2. Thanks, Mr Right informs me that it's from a website called The Journal Shop :)

  3.! I love it. You are one lucky lady x


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