Friday, 14 January 2011


I have a lot of obsessions, one of my ongoing ones is Matryoshka Dolls, you know, those Russian nesting dolls.  I think it stems from hearing the story of Baboushka at junior school.

I am amassing a bit of collection.
The dress is one of my favourites from Joy a couple of years ago and the dolls were a gift from my mum but now grace Missy's bedroom.  The bag is a recent purchase from Bombay Duck and, determined to pass on my obsession to my daughter, I purchased the hair slides and bobbles in the Sainsbury's sale (just need her hair to grow enough to use them!).  

Buster was nagging me to buy Innocent fruit smoothie tubes for his lunchbox during the Autumn term as he wanted to collect the magnets, I only agreed if I got to keep the Russian doll ones - very mature!

I'd really like one of these Chanel bags from the 2009 collection but the price back then was £2,500 and as they're probably now a collectors item it will just remain a dolly daydream.
I have, however, ordered a book of the story that inspired my obsession, hopefully that will suffice for now.
UPDATE:  The ever-thoughtful Mr Right sent me a message today saying that he had emailed ASOS to see if they had any of these left
Unfortunately for me they don't, sadly I discovered its existence too late but it was very sweet of Mr Right to be a secret squirrel and try to locate me one, I may not have a ASOS Chanel knock-off Russian doll bag but I do have a wonderful husband.


  1. Miss D too has these slides and bobbles! We also had baby grows, PJ's and a top with Russian Dolls on! Looks like Mrs D and Mrs Right have similar obsessions! Oh dear world watch out :o)

  2. PS Love the Dress! And FYI Primarni have night wear adorned with the delightful little ladies!

  3. We are like two peas in a pod (or should that be two Maryoshka Dolls in a much larger Maryoshka doll?).

    Thanks for the heads up re the Primarni PJs, will have to take a look when in town next. x

  4. oooh awesome! I love maryoshka dollies!!


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