Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Helping Me Through Poetrying Times

After the school run yesterday morning I was rambling on to Mrs B about how down in the dumps I was feeling about the depressing weather, this seemingly never-ending winter, the boredom of wearing coats and hats and that usually I had a sunny disposition and boundless get up and go but my get up and go had got up and left and my sunny disposition was shrouded in cloud.

When I called for her in the afternoon she presented me with these:
They were totally unexpected, not to mention a beautiful splash of much welcome colour in a currently very dull, grey world and they lifted my spirits immeasurably.  I didn't think I could have been cheered any more than that until I opened the attached card.  Mrs B had composed the following poem in my honour:

If you are feeling down and blue,
Don't because winter's almost through.
It soon will be warm and sunny,
Everything will again look funny.
We can wear our summer dresses,
And let down our tresses.
So don't be blue,
Because I am pleased
to have a friend like you.

And extremely honoured I am, hence this post.  I've already blogged that 2011 seems to be looking like they year of the friend and this story only compounds my feeling and the fact that I have a wonderful friend in Mrs B.  Thanks J! x


A penny for your thoughts

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