Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year?

Happy New Year!  I've been a bit quiet over the festive period, I've had lots of eating and drinking to do but now it's 2011 and I will be replacing Bucks Fizz, smelly cheese, pate and chocolate for training and, more importantly, blogging.

Christmas was a sedate affair as we spent it as a four.  Sadly Buster fell off some monkey bars, broke his arm and ended up in plaster on Christmas Eve so he had a bit of trouble opening his (many) gifts but somehow I knew he'd manage.  Missy, as predicted, was far more interested in the wrapping paper and boxes than any of her gifts.  
Buster's cast, he currently harbours an ambition
to be a sailor so my sister did some sailor tat's for him
The rest of the holiday has been spent visiting relatives, shopping, crocheting and making a cake for a friend's mum (the last two I'll blog about in greater detail later).
We've spent a bit of time in traffic jams this week,
this Trafficmaster van ironically stuck in one brightened up an otherwise dull journey
New Year was spent with two other couples enjoying a Chinese take-away and a movie as both of the ladies are pregnant and I am old.  So far 2011 has been a year for friends, we had The B family over for tea yesterday and we are off to see the D family this afternoon.  I also had a rather wonderful surprise in the form of a friend request on Facebook from a very dear friend from my sixth form days, we used to to do the snail mail thing for years but as our relative broods have increased our correspondence has declined so it will be great to keep in touch with her more regularly from now on (Hello Mrs E if you're reading this!), and what's more I've discovered that she too is a blogger.

I must away and get ready for another traffic jam but the promise of a natter and sausage and mash at the other end will make it all worth while!

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  1. Hi, thanks for you lovely comment! Your blog is funny, I can almost hear you saying all that stuff! Mx


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