Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The Gallery - Body Parts

The first Sticky Fingers Gallery of 2011 is entitled Body Parts, tempting as it was to post a pic of my perfectly pert Kylie-esque be-hind I decided to spare my readers their jealousy and have instead plumped for a photo I took last year of Missy holding my hand for the first time.  
Your children hold your hand for a moment, but your heart for a lifetime
I know she will hold my hand lots more in the future and, just like I did with Buster, I will get to the stage where I take it for granted but there will be a day when she won't want to and this photo will be there for me then.  Now, just need to convince 8 year old Buster he wants to pose in a photo with us holding hands...

Go on, be a peeping Tom and have a shufti at the other body part exhibitionists, you know you want to!


  1. Oh that's just given me goosebumps! Gorgeous picture and lovely post!

  2. Thanks MOAW, just love the Gallery, makes me look at things in a totally different way and appreciate the little things. x

  3. That is the benefit of having a girl. My son rarely holds my hand willingly these days (he's nearly 6) but his sis (4.5) does so willingly.

  4. Sorry, got click happy there! I meant to say great photo and words.

  5. oh just a gorgeous post and picture xx

  6. Beautiful. The first time your child holds your hand / finger is 1 of life's great monwents, imo :)


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