Tuesday, 11 January 2011


Before Christmas I received a 20% off voucher for the Early Learning Centre, I've always loved the ELC ever since this ad during the 80s 

and I was planning on buying Missy a play kitchen for her second birthday and decided to take advantage and purchase well in advance as it was an offer too good to miss.

I selected the Red Retro Kitchen at £150, with 20% off that took it down to £120, which I was pleased about so I placed my order and the kitchen arrived two days later, I was astounded as delivery was free and this was during the pre-Christmas internet delivery crisis due to the heavy snowfall.  Impressive!
The ELC are cooking on gas!
I passed on a second 20% off voucher to Mrs D as I knew she wanted to purchase the same kitchen for Miss D's birthday.  A couple of days later she e-mailed me to say that the kitchen was £100 when she purchased it.  She had heard a rumour that some companies will refund the difference if you have purchased an item and it comes down in price within a certain time so I chanced my arm and bashed out an e-mail to them.

After a few e-mails back and forth yesterday I got a wonderful response, ELC are going to credit my bank account with £50!  Result!

I had heard wonderful things about ELC's customer service, not really believing them to be true but this exceeded all my expectations, after all, they could have come back and said that the timing of my purchase was just bad luck and that would have been that, but this went above and beyond and I'm super happy, as is Missy's bank account!

There are so many stories of poor customer service that I just wanted to put this positive story out there.  People are more likely to tell their friends if they have a bad experience so I wanted to tell my friends about a good experience and to urge you all, like me, to become ELC customers.



  1. That is incredible! Didn't think service like that still existed!

    And the kitchen is gorgeous, I'm sure the birthday girl will be 'cooking' up a storm!

  2. Neither did I! Apparently they are great with exchanging items that get damaged by kids through play too!

    I wish my kitchen looked as good as that one! :)


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