Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Crochet Away!

For Christmas I requested a copy of the Stitch 'N' Bitch Happy Hooker crochet handbook as I was determined I was going to crack this mystical art...
..and after a bit of reading and a lot of tinkering I have produced something that I think might actually pass as crochet, it's another scarf (my wool projects always seem to result in scarves as I am only confident following patterns that require no increasing or decreasing at present, baby steps and all that) but I'm so pleased with it that I have made a couple of others as gifts.

I'm also planning on trying the sweet pea shawl from the book, just as soon as I can get to a wool shop for more supplies!


  1. I start crochet at my craft group this evening and am so excited I might wee! This is a compulsory skill for all bloggers to know (at least it seems like it) so if I can't do it I will be crushed...

    Would you recommend the book?

  2. ps, apologies for poor grammar above, also I meant to say nice scarf! I am the same with knitting, is so much easier to start and end with the same number of stitches...

  3. Crochet is so much simpler for my little mind to grasp than knitting. I had a look on YouTube for some instructional vids but they were all naff, the book was good but it was also a help to observe someone actually doing it so that I knew I had understood the instructions properly. I found it easy to use thicker yarn then I didn't lose track of the stitches and the work seemed to build quickly. Have fun, look forward to seeing the results! x

    BTW craft group sounds lovely, wish there were like-minded souls round here. Enjoy! x

  4. PS I would not recommend making incontinence pants out of crochet! ;)


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