Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Cakey, Cakey! - Turkish Disaster

Last winter I purchased a jar of Options limited edition Turkish Delight flavour hot chocolate and it was just that, a delight.  I got a hot tip from a reliable source (thanks Mrs D!) that it had made a return just before Christmas so I bought another jar.  

Now I don't know about you but hot beverages always get me thinking of cake and this one was no exception, although this time my mind went off on a bit of an experimental tangent.  Could I use the flavoured powder in place of cocoa powder to make a Chocolate/Turkish Delight cake?  The short answer was NO!!!!  It sounded wonderful, in principal but the reality was a Turkish Disaster.  

When it emerged from the oven it looked promisingly like a normal chocolate cake and it certainly had a wonderful powerful Turkish Delight aroma but sadly it tasted like a chocolate sponge cake soaked in floral fabric softener.  Needless to say it was swiftly launched into the bin.  The cake didn't last long but the sickly perfume was with us for days, it's almost put me off Turkish Delight for life...well for this Christmas anyway.

Options Turkish Delight; Beverage Heaven, Baking Hell!


  1. I found out the hard way also that options does not a good cocoa substitute make!! I made a chocolate orange sponge disaster!
    I wish I had found your blog when you posted this and it could have been avoided!

  2. Damn those Options people and their single mindedness, ah well, we are obviously innovators and as such we shouldn't be put off trying unconventional things. Here's to the next experiment! :)


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