Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Biscotti Takes The Biscuit

I've never made Biscotti before, which amazes me as I love them.  My virgin attempt was no less yummy.  Buster came downstairs as the second batch emerged from the oven asking 'what's that gorgeous smell?' whilst slyly stealing a still warm one from the first batch.  As a family we've been eating them all evening.  Mr Right asked me to stop making nice treats and start making crap ones so that he doesn't keep eating them.

Anyway, the Biscotti were dead easy to make, I never like resting dough in the fridge, I'm just not patient enough, although I resisted temptation and waited the allotted 2 hours before slicing
and placing on the baking tray ready for the oven
At the start of the evening I had enough to fill a small biscuit tin, I wonder how many will be left by bedtime?
Maybe this many is optimistic?


  1. Yep that's why I sew, if I don't I will bake and eat it all! If there's no cake in the cupboard I can't eat it! Think T made it once with pistachios...or is that something else?

  2. Goddamn I wish I wasn't afraid of my sewing machine. Yes pistachio flavoured ones are yum!


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