Wednesday, 15 December 2010

There's Muffin Like Morning Glory

Mr Right and I had a discussion about my muffinadequacies this morning, he seemed to remember that in our dim and distant past I once made some breakfast muffins that he thought were really tasty so not to be beaten by muffins I had a go at some Morning Glory Breakfast Mufffins.

These are hearty beasts which are supposed to set you up for the whole day containing loads of oats, fruit, nuts and seeds they are great at fooling you into thinking you're not eating crap AND they actually worked for me!

I decided to go all coffee shop and lined my NEW (I was hoping my equipment was to blame for my previous failures) muffin pan with squares of baking parchment instead of traditional muffin cases and dolloped the thick mixture in, sprinkled on some more seeds for good measure and shoved them in the oven, not really having any expectations of success.
Muffins ready for the oven
Thirty minutes later I was greeted my the aroma of warm cinnamon and some well-risen golden brown baked goods that actually resembled muffins!  I was elated, here are my babies fresh from the oven.
My Morning Glory!
So, as far as breakfast muffins go, there's muffin to it!


  1. Wowee!! You bake like a pro!

    They might even tempt me to take up breakfast :0)


  2. Oh Nommy!!!! Don't suppose you have a recipe do you? Mmmmmm

    Thanks for linking up to Handmade Thursday!


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