Sunday, 5 December 2010

Stephenson's A Rocket

I don't really do reality TV, I hated Big Brother, can't stand X-Factor and I'm A Celebrity is usually filled with people that have less celebrity status than me!  I do, however, have a passion for Strictly Come Dancing and this year I'm firmly backing Pamela Stephenson.  I think she's amazing, so much vitality and joie de vivre.  She blatantly having a ball and doesn't care what anyone thinks and she's a great dance to boot.

She's an inspiration to sturdy girls like me, she's 61 and she can do this...!
She's funny (a comedienne), clever (has a PhD and is a published author) and beautiful (I hope I look as good as she does at 61...who am I trying to kid, I don't look that good now!).

I heard her on BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour a few weeks back and she's just having the best time on the show, flirting with a partner that's almost half her age, stepping back into the spotlight again and doing something for herself having spent years counselling traumatised women in Tonga, Samoa and India.

I was elated to see that she was awarded a perfect 40 score in this week's show and that she will dance on into the semi-final next week with every chance of being in the final.  I, for one, hope she makes it!

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