Wednesday, 22 December 2010

It's Snow Wonder I Blogged Off

Hello!  I haven't blogged in almost a week!  I managed to get falling snow onto my blog and then life imitated art with horrendous snow fall in my area at the weekend.  This weather doesn't make me feel like doing anything apart from making food and eating it, hence the silence.  I'm so bored of the colour white now and all the reports of how rubbish the UK is at coping as soon as a snow flake touches down.  I finished all my Christmas shopping in November and I'm not travelling anywhere either so please news reporters and tweeters shut up moaning about parcel delivery and travel chaos.  

The lack of ability to keep our nation moving just compounds the feeling that our society is about to collapse at any moment especially with the economy the way it is at present and the fact that I currently associate all that with the snow and record-breaking sub-zero temperatures just depresses me no end - talk about the bleak mid-winter!
Saturday's total white-out
Mr Right and I spent about an hour on Sunday digging our cars out and clearing the pavement just to have to do it all again a couple of days later!  It's just the not knowing when it's all going to end and the fact that I feel a little house-bound, I haven't even been to the gym for the last two weeks!!!  Although I refuse to drive in the snow or ice, at least last year I managed to get out and about, Missy was small enough to ram in the sling and we could trudge wherever we needed to go but now Missy is only just walking and the buggy wheels won't go through the snow and she won't sit on a sledge.

The local kids don't even seem keen to go out and play in it, Buster has been out for a short snow-ball fight and a lack-lustre attempted to make a snowman in the garden but that's about it, he's preferring to play in his room next to the radiator or snuggle up under a blanket and watch Christmas movies, which isn't a bad idea, I think I may have to break out Elf early this year (usually a Christmas Eve tradition) to lift my spirits, that and some more food should cheer me up no end although with a lack of gym action you may have to roll me into 2011!
Buster's snow boy

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