Sunday, 5 December 2010

Ho-Ho-Holy Shit, It's Christmas!

So this year I have decided that I quite like Christmas.  I'm usually bah humbug at this time of year, so much to do and so little time or inclination.  It's lovely to be the one with the ability to make it magical for the rest of the family but with that comes so much expectation and responsibility.

There are elements of Christmas that I do like if I have enough time during the build up to stop and smell the Roses (or Quality Street!), the following is a list of my likes...

Going to choose the tree
Sticking a huge pile of white envelopes in the post box
T Cards falling through the letterbox instead of the usual junk mail and bills
The cheeses, cold cuts and pickles that we seem to live on during Christmas week
Seeing my kids' faces on Christmas morning
Advent calendars
An extra excuse get dressed up in sparkles and go out with friends
Christmas songs
T Panto
Christmas pudding
Mince pies
Putting the mince pie, glass of milk and carrot out for Santa and Rudolf
Having no lamps on in the house and feeling cosy with just Christmas lights twinkling
Driving round at night looking at the lights
Going to see the Christmas lights and shop window displays in London
Ice-skating at Somerset House
Taking the kids to see Father Christmas
T Hanging stockings with the kids before bed on Christmas Eve
T Christmas films, Elf, Fred Claus and Home Alone are my particular favourites
T Salvation Army bands
T School Christmas performances
T The local Round Table Santa Sleigh that comes round with Christmas music blaring
T The post-lunch walk round the local park and wishing everyone you meet a Merry Christmas
T Crackers
T Tracking Santa with NORAD on Christmas Eve

With all these 'likes' is it actually possible that I don't hate Christmas after all?  Bah humbugger it, I'm gonna like it...just for this year.

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