Wednesday, 15 December 2010

The Gallery - Sparkle

I think this photo sums up Christmas sparkle for me, it's an action shot I took whilst Christmas shopping on a rainy evening on Oxford Street in London with my family, we had spent the afternoon skating on the rink at Somerset House and we were on our way to see the festive Selfridges window displays, it was freezing but days like that make me feel warm inside.
Bright Lights, Big City
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  1. We go down Oxford Street after decorating the house, stop for hot chocolate and then make our way back home! I love that part of town at Christmas time.

    Lovely post and great action shot ;-)!

  2. It reminds me of being a child and going to see the windows and lights with my parents, something I love doing with my kids now, glad it's something others enjoy too. x

  3. Takes me back! I haven't seen the London Christmas lights for years - we used to go and visit them as kids. It's a great photo.

  4. Great photo, I miss seeing all the lights everywhere in England, you don't get any where new as many out here in Cyprus!

  5. Bet you don't get many freezing cold, rainy days either! Enjoy Christmas being warm whilst we're freezing our butts off. :)


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