Friday, 3 December 2010

Chic Or Shit? - Heart Clock

I've been meaning to blog about THIS little beauty abomination for a while now.  My seldom seen father-in-law bestowed this 'gift' upon us as a house warming present about ten years ago, it's, understandably, never seen the light of day.  I'm just wondering whether in that time it has actually come full circle and gone from shit to chic.  I love a bit of kitsch but I think that this has missed the mark somewhat and is, as I suspect is the case, still shit and always will be.

'Time' for the trash?


  1. Hiya - sorry it's taken so long to reply, I fell ill just after posted about the clock (no connection) and got very behind on net stuff. Can't believe you have this too.

    Yours has even more going on - I don't have a butterfly second hand on mine (or a name)! Does yours have a separate battery slot which powers a really piercing alarm?

    It's only every been on the wall when I've had my own place - I wouldn't inflict on any other residents. Visitors can just look away if they find it disturbing ;)


  2. Hi Kristen

    Hope you're all better now (I bet it was the clock that was to blame, it's evil I tell ya!)

    Mine's way jazzy although I have never put any batteries into it to see if it has an alarm (yours sounds...well, alarming!).



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