Monday, 6 December 2010

Am I Blogging A Dead Horse?

I've currently been blogging for 6 months now and I'm officially loving it but I can't help thinking that sometimes I'm talking to myself.  I read an interview with Domestic Slut Miss Cay in Company Magazine last month and I'm using her top blogging tip as my mantra at the moment.  She said that It's really easy to give up cos you think no one's reading - but they area.  So I'm going to keep that comment in mind and use it as my inspiration to keep plugging away.

You don't get rid of me that easily!


  1. oh I know that feeling! But I am reading, and I'm sure there are others too! :)
    For me normally I'm reading at about 3am on my phone while cuddling a baby that doesn't like sleeping in her cot, silly phone doesn't let me comment :(
    But keep at it, I love your cake pics!

  2. 3am! Blimey, I certainly feel for you! Thank god for blogs and smart phones, wish they'd been around when I had my first! Hopefully your wee one will grow out of that phase soon, but not too soon or I'll lose my readership, thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment. x

  3. I check in daily for my dose of Mrs Right. I only wish I had your wittism (is that even a word)
    Keep it up Chick - you are making us who do read it laugh at your take on life and drool in awe at your baking prowess xxx

  4. Thanks for the love Mrs D! You're too kind, and you are a witty woo too (is there an owl in here?!).

    Thanks so much for reading and leaving a comment so that I know I'm not just pissing in the wind. xxx

  5. I read it too but being rather dense have only just figured out this eve how to post a comment! (hitting the underlined "comment" was obviously very complicated!)

    Cant actually remember what I was going to comment on - but had to laugh at the reappearance of the tacky clock! If only I still had that horrendous cat one. We really could set up a website nowadays for tacky shit. Dont think any of us had the know-how back when we used to laugh about it!
    Ps - dont think "wittism" is a word Kara but could be wrong, often am

  6. I believe the word my overworked brain was looking for was......... Witticism!!!! I knew it was something like that lol

  7. Mrs D and Mrs G, it would seem that both your brains are addled, thanks for the comments you dotty fools. x


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