Sunday, 7 November 2010

Sadly Sparklers Have Lost Their Sparkle

We hosted the Fireworks Spudtacular on Saturday evening and it was wonderful to be under one roof with most of our friends and their ever-expanding broods, if only for a short while.  The fireworks were deemed to be a great success, probably helped by the dry weather, and the spuds and chilli seemed to go down well with the adults, although the kids seemed more eager to eat my fluted butter pats whole, bleugh!
Homemade butter pats, a tasty treat for kids?
I made them using my butter pat maker, a fab little device that I purchased years ago but always gives impressive results
Mid pat production
I also made some mini cheesecakes, I sprinkled on some popping candy and edible glitter and topped it off with an indoor sparkler to tie in with the firework theme
My snap, crackle, pop dessert
Mrs M (a like-minded culinary friend of mine) bought some cupcakes she had made with her, they were mini bonfires, complete with twigs (made from orange Matchmakers) and red and yellow icing flames, too cute and very tasty too!
After the families with younger children had left and we'd put Missy to bed the B family, Mr Right, myself and Buster enjoyed some sparklers, something that as a child I had always loved despite the scary public information films

Sadly I have to say that sparklers, for me, have lost their sparkle.  Even the slight element of danger factor didn't do it for me.  Perhaps it's just part of being an adult, like Christmas becomes all about your children's enjoyment, but even Buster seemed to have outgrown the 'wow' stage and he and Master B spent the entire time trying to set fire to dry leaves and each other.
'C' for Christy or perhaps 'C' for a crock of shit?
Ah well, there's always Missy's awe to look forward to.

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