Wednesday, 3 November 2010

THE Only Way To Enjoy An Apple

The Rights recently attended the local Pumpkin & Apple Gala to view Buster's group's entry in the pumpkin decorating contest.
Buster's group's entry in the pumpkin decorating contest
The 'gala' was a wash out and the only decent thing about it (apart from Buster's pumpkin) was the chocolate-dipped apples, akin to the traditional toffee apple only minus the involuntary dental extraction risk factor.  

We are having friends over to celebrate Guy Fawkes Night on Saturday so I decided to make some to give to our guests to take home and enjoy.

I briefly toyed with the idea of making actual toffee apples but dismissed it as I never mess with melted sugar and, as Mr B put it, 'that stuff's like napalm.'
Shiny beauties before
I chose Royal Gala, I'm not an apple fan but these are my favourite eating variety, and gave them a quick wash, pulled out the stalks and then staked each one in true Hammer Horror style with a wooden toffee apple stick, having dismissed skewers as being too weak and lolly sticks too fat.
Staked good and proper
Meanwhile I melted the chocolate, this was a great excuse to drag my double boiler out of semi-retirement.

At last it was time to get dipping, first into the melted chocolate...

...then into the sprinkles
You can never have too many sprinkles!
Then it was onto greaseproof paper to set
After they had set I wrapped them in clear cellophane and tied them with ribbon in Autumnal shades.  Buster was very impressed, he said they looked so good he thought I had bought them in a shop.
The finished product
I was also pleased to see that I had a bit of melted chocolate left over, this gave me the ideal opportunity to try out the chocolate mould I had purchased in Poundland at the weekend to make some individual heart chocolates.
My filled mould, ready for the fridge
The finished chocs, ready for my tum!

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