Monday, 15 November 2010

Larder Ardour - My Mate Marmite

There seems to be a lot going on in the world of Marmite of late.  I've been meaning to post about it for some time but it's one of those products you just take for granted (like air!).  

Recently friends have started raving about products containing it (rice cakes, cereal bars, bread sticks and mini cheddars) and Mr Right spotted some aged Marmite (Marmite XO - Extra Old) but was sceptical about it being aged four times as long and just wondered if there was a batch that was long forgotten about in a cellar somewhere that needed flogging.

Today I was wandering through BHS and spotted a whole section of Marmite merchandise for the Christmas market, there were tins, lunch boxes, cookery books, Andy Warhol-esque canvasses and even Marmite flavoured chocolate!

I'm old skool when it comes to yeast extract, it's great on toast, fab in a bog-standard sandwich and just magic between two slabs of white bread and joined between those downy covers by some generous slices of cheddar cheese.  That is all!

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