Thursday, 4 November 2010

Larder Ardour - Honey Mustard

This morning I was preparing tonight's dinner, Sausage Casserole with Onion Gravy.  Whilst I was sauteing the onions I automatically reached for my jar of honey mustard and dolloped in a couple of large spoonfuls and made a mental (for 'mental' read 'iPhone' - my memory is shocking!) note that I simply had to tell the world how wonderful this stuff is as I've taken it for granted for a while now.

Quite literally condiment gold

Again it's a Waitrose find (how I wish we had one in my town and that I could afford to shop there on a weekly basis!) and is great, not only with onions (although it has to be said it's the best thing when you are caramelising onions for hot dogs) but is fantastic with sausages (my favourite way to eat this stuff is with sausages off the barbecue) and sublime as an accompaniment to a cheese board.

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