Friday, 19 November 2010

Jewellery Boxes Hold More Than Just Gems

Missy received two jewellery boxes as gifts from friends for her birthday, they are both beautiful and I'm sure she'll love keeping any future treasures she might be lucky enough to receive in them but to me, and the people that gave them, they hold so much more than gems.

The first box was a gorgeous pink one, purchased by Mrs B and it wasn't until she got it home that she realised that it plays 'Somewhere, Over The Rainbow', a song that has deep sentimental meaning for her as it was the song that her mother, now sadly departed, used to sing to Mrs B's two boys when they were tiny.  Special to me as it was the song that my aunt chose as the final one of her funeral.

The second box was delivered by Mrs C and, as Missy was napping at the time of her visit, she urged me to open it on her behalf.  As soon as I did it took my breath away, I haven't experienced a moment like it, ever.  I opened the packaging and there inside was the exact same jewellery box that my grandfather had bought me when I was about 7 years old!  

I didn't even dare to think that they would actually still make it, but they do, I assume Trousselier are the same company that manufactured my jewellery box almost 30 years ago and this was where my friend had purchased this one.  She had had the same box during her childhood (was there only one jewellery box style in production during the 1980s?) and had purchased one for her daughter.  My sister had spotted it at her house and was in raptures over it, so that was when Mrs C decided to get one for Missy.

I was happy on two levels, the first being the lovely trip down memory lane that it had provided and the second was the fact that I could keep my original jewellery box for me (yes, I still have it!) and that Missy now had a matching replica that she can use to contain her own memories.
My original on the left and Missy's new on the right
Wonderful memories held in gifts like these are so much more precious than any trinket or bauble that they could ever contain.


  1. OMG I too had this Jewellery box! What a lovely surprise to see they still make it, and lucky Missy to have one.

  2. See what I mean? I'm sure they must have only had one type of jewellery box in the 80s!


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