Thursday, 18 November 2010

I'm Flamingo-ing Crazy

I love a Flamingo, (to quote Napoleon Dynamite) it's pretty much my favourite animal.  I think I might even have been one in a previous life, but that's a whole other blog post!

I have plastic flamingo lights around my dressing table mirror, a flamingo print t-shirt, I also have a diamante flamingo brooch on my leopard print faux fur coat and now I am the proud owner of Floyd
Pink Floyd the Flamingo
Floyd is how all real flamingos should be, he's Barbie pink, pearlescent and super glittery.  Mr Right despairs of my flamingo obsession and thought I'd lost the plot as he spotted me wandering around Paperchase with Floyd in my hot little hand 'you're not actually going to buy that are you?!'

No offence to Floyd but I'm already eyeing my next possible flamingo purchase, this gorgeous cushion from John Lewis, although at £25 it might be one for my Christmas wish list!
Hope it's not stuffed with real flamingo feathers!
I would really love one of those 1950s pink plastic flamingo lawn ornaments that they seemed to love in Florida but quite what I'd do with it when I got it I have no idea.

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