Wednesday, 10 November 2010

I Don't Mind Looking Like A Moo-Moo In A Muumuu

This week I have claimed that I am not a slob.  I can understand that some of you might not be convinced as I have also posted about my lacklustre beauty regime, terrible skin and hair, velour joggers, and disgusting slobby joe.  I will now hammer a further few nails into my style coffin, just by way of getting it all out there, a confessional if you will, just so there are no secrets between us.....right, here goes......I own a muumuu.  There, I said it!

A muumuu, according to Wikipedia, is a loose dress of Hawaiian origin, usually brightly coloured and floral in pattern...they are also popular as maternity gowns and with obese people because they do not restrict the waist. 
The Moo-Moo, Unisexy
A moo-moo, (as I call it, as it makes me look as big as a cow) according to me, is a winceyette-style nightie/tent, floral in pattern and popular with me because it doesn't restrict the waist, not, however, popular with Mr Right.  I think he thinks it should be a recognised form of torture, the wardrobe equivalent of waterboarding, although it could be worse, I could own a Slanket...come to think of it, typing on the laptop once the heating has gone off makes my arms pretty chilly...
At least a Slanket would cover the moo-moo right?!
I first fell in love with the moo-moo 9 years ago when I was expecting Buster and I don't foresee a time when I will fall out of love with it.  Thankfully I am married and Mr Right is stuck with me (and the moo-moo) if I were single I think I would be extremely likely to stay that way, anyway, who needs a relationship when you have a moo-moo, right?!

Mr Right can't complain as he harbours nightwear fantasies of his own, he would dearly love a Onesie (an adult babygrow).  The seed of this idea was planted by this scene in Scrubs

Thankfully for me Mr Right tends to run hot and would be sweltering sleeping in a Onesie, besides where would he possibly get one from right?  I thought I was safe but I did spot some in the women's department of Primark, hopefully they won't be available in the men's department, ever!

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