Tuesday, 30 November 2010


This week I have decided I would very much like to hibernate.  I have even skipped the gym because it's too cold to go back out again in the evening and I certainly don't even want to think about wearing only one layer of anything especially lycra.  

As soon as the kids are in bed I am off to my nest to get cosy.  My old UGGs have been relegated for use as slippers and I really don't want to take them off before I climb into bed as my cankles feel exposed, would it be wrong to sleep in them?

The signals are all there as if I should sleep through the winter, I have been craving comfort food as if I am about to hibernate.  I'm feeling the need to eat carbs and plenty of them, need to lay down that layer of fat if I'm to survive the winter.  Yesterday I made a chicken and mushroom pie which we ate with loads of spuds, I'm thinking casseroles with dumplings and soups with muchos bread for the rest of the week.  Oh and I simply must make a crumble or rice pudding, it's the law!

I have also been cultivating my leg hair as an extra layer of insulation or is it just laziness and the fact that I don't want to hang about in our freezing cold bathroom (our mouthwash had ice crystals in it at the weekend!) any longer than I have to?

So if this is my last blog post for a few months you'll know that I have given in to my baser instinct and slept this one out.  Have a great Christmas and New Year and don't forget to wake me in the spring!

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