Thursday, 18 November 2010

Hello Shitty!

About fifteen years ago I used to love Hello Kitty, this was back in the days where pretty much the only place you could get anything with that cute little cat on it was Hamleys, and even they only had a small display of imported items, now it's all over the place, I can't get away from it and the novelty is starting to wear off.  She was my discovery all those years ago and now every Tom-cat and Harry has her plastered all over everything *pouty face*

H & M seem to be the main culprits.  I adore their clothes and the odd item with Hello Kitty is lovely but you can barely buy a top in the girl's section without her soul-less, black, overworked eyes staring out at you from it, pleading with you to free her from her sell-out slavery.  She looks knackered, I think she could use a holiday, she could pack her Hello Kitty clothes in her Hello Kitty suitcase and board her Hello Kitty jet and fly off to her Hello Kitty shaped island getaway for a few years and come back when she's refreshed and everyone else has forgotten about her and I will welcome her back with open arms and we can be besties once again, but until then I shall have to content myself with the next big thing..."what is it?" I hear you ask...wait fifteen years and you'll find out!
If H & M made houses...

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