Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Nope, this is not a blog post about how to get the best price for a hooker but the yummy food stuff of my childhood.  For those not of Dutch extraction Hagelslag is, for the want of a better description, chocolate sprinkles.  It is enjoyed on bread (rather like a Dutch version of a pain au chocolate but so much more fun to eat) or toast.
Hagelslag - the stuff my childhood was made of
My grandmother (or Oma as we called her) was born in Holland and moved to the UK when she married my grandfather (Opa), and with her she bought many Dutch culinary traditions, including Hagleslag.

There are many varieties of Hagelslag from the traditional chocolate sprinkle, to the thicker chocolate curl both available in plain, milk or white chocolate.  There are also the more modern varieties including fruit (which I used today to decorate some of my chocolate-dipped apples) and aniseed.  Plus the Mouse variety, so-called because it's mouse-shaped.  

My preferred brand is De Ruijter and I am a traditionalist, loving the plain chocolate sprinkle on bread and butter the best.
My usual suppliers (Great Aunt & Uncle that still live in Holland) haven't been over to the UK for a while so, for the first time in a long time, I have none of the chocolate variety in the house, this feels wrong and must be rectified forthwith, but where to source my hit in the UK?  I have decided to try as they seem not to have totally over-inflated their import prices plus they have an Edam as part of their logo!

I have now been put in mind of other yummy Dutch treats of my childhood that I really need to pass on to Buster and Missy.  My Oma would always let us have Dutch crispbreads (or rusks as we call them) with plain yoghurt and a crust of sugar (or hagelslag if you prefer, which I don't) sprinkled on the top for breakfast if we stayed with her (looking back I'm surprised I have any teeth left!)
 Then there's the family favourite meal, Dutch Meatballs with Red Cabbage.  Shredded red cabbage cooked with apple, vinegar, sugar and nutmeg, served with meatballs, gravy, boiled potatoes and steamed green beans, utter bliss and something else that I haven't made in a while which will have to be remedied soonest.

You know what they say, if you aint Dutch then you aint much!

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