Monday, 8 November 2010

Friday Film Special

Blog posts just seem to have a train of thought all their own, I was looking for the Public Information Film on firework safety from the 80s and that lead me to loads of other scary vids, I was then put in mind of the Children's Film Foundation films that CBBC used to show on a Friday afternoon in the same decade, one of which being this creepy cinematic classic

Now I know where Richard Kelly got the inspiration for Donnie Darko!
Mr Horatio Knibbles, one scary fucker!
One of my favourite of all the CFF Friday films was Sammy's Super T-Shirt, gotta love a Tiger T-Shirt!

Sadly they don't make them like this any more, kids would probably be bored stiff as they're not in 3D ('4D Special Agents' is not as exciting as the title suggests), in fact they're barely in colour, although their washed out tones remain vividly in my memory of a much simpler time.

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