Monday, 8 November 2010

Fiddling Whilst Toast Burns

Most mornings I make toast for Missy, she only has one slice but being a two slice toaster one side of the bread gets toasted faster than the other, so halfway through the toasting process I have to pop the toast, turn it round and put it back down.  

Most mornings I get sidetracked and forget about the toast during the second round.

Most mornings we have burnt toast.

Why does the smell of burnt toast linger all day like an evil little voice saying 'you can't even fucking cook toast you wanker!'?
Whilst I'm on a toast vibe, I have recently discovered that I don't actually like warm toast, I prefer it cold with cold, unmelted butter.  I call this creation 'Hotel Toast' as this is the state in which all hotel toast bids you good morning.  Freezing cold with rock hard butter, mind you, at least it's not burnt!

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