Thursday, 4 November 2010

A Fawking Good Bonfire Night

It's Guy Fawkes Night on Friday and we'll be celebrating on Saturday by meeting up with friends at the big fireworks display in town and then all heading back to ours for our 4th Annual Fireworks Spudtacular (basically baked spuds with loads of different toppings).

The invitations usually have a picture of our mascot for the occasion Mr Spudtacular (an unashamed knock-off Mr Potato Head that I pose in different situations and photograph).

Mr Spudtacular was born in 2006 and as you can see I wasn't too imaginative back then as he is just literally a spud with eyes and a mouth.
Mr S, what a spud
The following year he was trusted with a sparkler, quite a risk considering he's a tuber
It's a little known fact that Mr S inspired the Prodigy to write Firestarter
2008 was a wash out and as I was due to give birth to Missy about a week after Bonfire Night 2009 I decided that Mr S was also ready for parenthood
Awe look, it's a New Potato
This year's Mr S pose is my most technically challenging photoshoot to date and as an homage to my fab night of roller disco last month I decided that he should be a roller disco king, and indeed he is, complete with rainbow sweatband, glittery deely boppers, skates and a sparkler, what a daredevil!
Mr S, the King Edward of Roller Disco!

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