Saturday, 27 November 2010

Coffee Is For Mugs

I wish I understood the nation's obsession with coffee.  Mr Right has been obsessed with the stuff for as long as I have known him.  He owns so much coffee paraphernalia that our home looks like a branch of Starbucks, he has an espresso maker, a percolator, two cafetieres (small and large), a stove-top espresso maker, electric and manual coffee grinders.  Then there's the coffee itself, coffee beans, ground coffee, instant coffee, filter coffee.  He'd even like to try Kopi Luwak (coffee beans that are first eaten and then excreted by monkeys - bleugh!).

Mr Right has a saying 'coffee before kids', which we all know is a joke, but whenever we are out being part of civilisation he will first make a beeline for the nearest Costa for a Medium Skinny Latte (god, even the terminology sounds lame), maybe it's the only way he can deal with having to be part of civilisation.  I know that Mrs B can only get going after her morning cup of Joe, does this substance have magical powers?  Not on me it doesn't!

My Dad is another coffee junkie.  He used to have so much in a day that it would give him palpitations and, for a time, had to switch to decaf.  He still to this day will offer me a coffee when I go to visit.  When I decline he says 'you don't know what you're missing!'  When I remind him that I don't actually like coffee, he follows up with 'you'll grow to like it', Dad, I'm 36, I don't think it's gonna happen.  I know that palates change as you age and I now have a love of stinky cheese that I couldn't tolerate at all when I was younger, but I think coffee, like red wine, for me is a non-starter.  Don't get me wrong, there is a place for coffee, it's just that that place is inside cake and confectionery.

My hot beverage of choice is tea but lately I've been going off it so perhaps I need to give it another go, maybe my palate has matured and coffee isn't for mugs after all.

UPDATE:  We visited civilisation this morning and, after a bit of coaxing from Mr Right, I was very brave and tried a small coffee with skimmed milk, chocolate and caramel from Costa, I'm not sure what the coffee-speak name for this concoction is but I will admit that it was particularly yummy, I may now be a convert.  Mr Right was happy yet dismissive - it wasn't, after all, a proper hardcore coffee and he could also see that his Costa bill was probably going to double from now on!!!


  1. I don't understand coffee either, bleugh! Love a nice pot of tea and a biscuit/slice of cake/sandwich looovely! :)

  2. I believe the drink of which you speak may be a caramel mocha! Delish yum yum. My shopping trips also revolve around Costa but mainly for the cake I have to say!

  3. Yay, I am not alone! Tea and 'something' is an absolute must, gotta love a good brew :)

  4. Mrs D, Mr Right confirms your identification, thanks! x

  5. Yay, you must come round for a latte mocha choca caramel choclate cappacino soon!!!!! I will convert you x


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