Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Cheese Mobile

Well last week's trip to Sainsburys resulted in a car boot full of milk, a four pinter had leaked all over the place during the journey home so I swore quite a bit, cleaned it up and thought nothing more about it, until, that is, I got into said car at the weekend and the smell of cheese hit me like a Stilton hammer.  Fabreeze will mask the stench for about five minutes but it's fighting a losing battle, my only solace is that it's not mid summer or the neighbours would be calling the police to report a suspicious smell emanating from the boot of my car.
Fabreeze certainly has its work cut out

The car has now been affectionately named the Cheese Mobile and will be getting a steam clean at the weekend, hopefully that will kill the hum or at least make it smell like cheese on toast, which is certainly preferable to the current aroma!
Cheese Mobile?

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