Monday, 22 November 2010

Cakey, Cakey! - Hummingbird Bakery Red Velvet Cake

I've been meaning to make a Red Velvet cake for ages, ever since I first saw it used on Cupcake Wars on The Food Network, it seems to be a firm favourite with Americans and there was a recipe in the Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook, so, as it was a rainy November afternoon (like I needed an excuse!) I decided to give it a whirl.

For those that have never heard of it, it's a sponge cake that's deep scarlet in colour but, as it contains cocoa powder, has a hidden chocolate kick.  The batter looked like an unctuous ruby river as I poured it between the two tins (I'm assuming the texture was due to the addition of the white vinegar and buttermilk).  When it emerged from the oven it was a lovely bouncy burgundy sponge.

I decided that it definitely required the cream cheese frosting, something that I have never tried before but I was so glad that I did because it turns out the sponge is only there as a vehicle for the frosting.
Buster didn't like the frosting, he can't be my child!  The only misgiving I have about this cake is the sheer amount of red food colouring that went into it (20ml!), I was a little worried that I might be eating the culinary equivalent of disclosing tablets and would be wandering around with red teeth after consumption!

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