Sunday, 24 October 2010

Tea Light?

I'm STILL looking for an unusual lamp for Missy's room and happened upon this little baby in Laura Ashley

The price tag is still a little hefty at £63 in the sale (was £100) but Mr Right says he can make me one I just have to find the cups and saucers and he'll do the rest.  Mr Right is extremely skilled in these matters but I'm seriously fighting the urge to buy, buy, buy so I can have it now, now, now.  Decisions, decisions, decisions???


  1. Loving the lamp! they have a delicious cushion to go with this in Laura Ashley, that I am hankering after but at £26 in the sale I would have to have it encased in glass so it didn't get mucky!!!!

  2. What's it like, information if you please?!

  3. Cushion is natural linen with the most divine tea cups and saucers printed all over it. I believe Dunelm have a similar one for a mere snip of £15!!!!! The aforementioned LA one is on my Christmas wish list hint hint Mr D!

  4. Ooh very nice, have had a look. Missy has the Dunelm cupcake cushion in her room. I was going to put it in my kitchen but just figured it would end up filthy and stinking of food so it's hers now. Hopefully Mr D is a regular reader of my blog and will take the HINT! :)


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