Tuesday, 5 October 2010


I went shopping today and need to have a random ramble about my utter devastation at the fact that Sun-Pat Peanut Butter now comes in plastic 'jars', why?  I know they are heavy and glass is dangerous but it just feels so wrong, just another change I'm not ready for like when Marathon became Snickers and Jiff became Cif and when Opal Fruits became Starburst.  

So saddened am I that I have registered my disdain on the Premier Foods website to act as a feeble protest as I'm certainly not going to stop buying it as I was practically weaned on the stuff.

Maybe I am just getting old and set in my ways but whatever next, Heinz Cream Of Tomato Soup in paper bags?!

My beloved Sun-Pat as it should be, behind glass
UPDATE:  Further to my e-mail to Premier Foods I received a swift response thanking me for taking the time to contact them and informing me that my comments would be passed on to the Marketing Team, damn, no free Peanut Butter by way of compensation for my disappointment then.  Bet the Marketing Team are shitting themselves and are gonna re-think their whole brand strategy when they hear that I'm not happy with the new packaging choice (you might be able to sense the sarcasm in my voice if my mouth wasn't all gummed up with yummy Sun-Pat).


  1. It doesn't take a scientist to figure out the density differences between a metal knife and a plastic jar. It's inevitable that you will have bits of plastic in your sandwich when scraping out the last bits of peanut butter!!


  2. Ooooh good point, I hadn't considered that. I will have to be super careful and only shovel it into my mouth with my hand :)


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