Monday, 4 October 2010

Mrs Sew And Sew

I've had a few sewing projects on the go recently.  I bought a load of felt and had a go at decorating a little denim shopper with a cupcake design, I decorated it with a button and some beads as sprinkles and some ricrac braiding for the cupcake case, this is the result

I bought a new toy/dressing up box for Missy's bedroom and decided that it could also be used as a seat and therefore needed a cushion, I had a pretty Cath Kidston strawberry tea towel doing nowt so I made it into a cushion cover and Missy now has a comfy place to sit when she's putting on her fairy wings and tutus in years to come.

I think I've blogged about my bike seat before but just in case I haven't, here it is

Loving riding our bikes as a family now as Missy has a seat on the back of my bike and she loves it too.  We went out with Mr & Mrs D for a cycle ride a couple of weekends back and all the while Missy was trying to pull my trousers down, she ended up with her hands down the back of my trousers clawing the small of my back with her razor-like talons.  What fun!

Missy and I enjoying a ride round the park
UPDATE:  I was nosing around in Hobbycraft (one of my current favourite ways to spend a child-free afternoon) when I came upon some strawberry buttons which I added to the cushion I made for Missy's dressing up box, I'm pleased to say they finished it off perfectly.

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