Monday, 4 October 2010

Mr Noseybonk

Buster came home from school with a drawing that looked to Mr Right and myself suspiciously like that freaky fucker Mr Noseybonk from that 80s kids TV fave Jigsaw.  Buster had obviously never heard of Mr Nosebonk so we showed him this YouTube clip to fill this gap in his knowledge

I think we may have scarred him for life, he still scares the shit outta me!

To diffuse the potential nightmare situation I had to show him something a bit more mellow and relaxing, I came up with this, I used to love Ludwig when I was his age

Mind you Ludwig would only be calming if you can get beyond the freaky binocular bloke lurking in the bushes the whole time, was everything fucked up when we were kids?  I'm amazed we have all turned out as normally as we have!

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