Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Gym'll Fix It

Well I'm still trying to tone up after having Missy last year and I have been a bit of a gym bunny for nine years now (the irony, at school I hated PE and used to do anything to get out of it, now I pay royally to do basically the same thing!).

When I just had Buster I used to be able to go during the day when he was at school but I find it so difficult to get motivated to get out the door in the evenings, especially now the evenings are dark and miserable and all I want to do is get cosy with the family and eat the casserole that's usually calling my name.

Unfortunately I have a niggling hip problem at the moment so I'm not able to run (typical as my interval running was just paying off and getting me back to my pre-Missy fitness levels and run times!) so I was banished to the dreaded Cross-Trainer, of which I am, it has to be said, the queen of speed and endurance but it is sooooooo boring!  Thankfully David Lloyd actually did something right for a change and decided to have a bit of a gym floor revamp (ie loads of new Life Fitness and Technogym machines for me to try AND lovely new touch-screen TVs with iPod/iPhone compatability for my inner geek!).

Anyway, as the Nautilus (a machine that simulates hiking up a hilly sand dune) seems to have disappeared I was forced to seek alternatives and at the moment I am loving the Technogym Cardio Wave, great for your arse, although you do feel a bit of an arse using it, I would describe the motion as akin to cross-country skiing (one of the most intense cardio events in the OIympics no less so it must be good for your heart as well as your heiney!).

I wish they wouldn't photograph me when I'm training!
Also rating the Technogym Vario as an alternative to the Cross-Trainer (of which I am so bored).  This has a similar motion to the Cross-Trainer but the machine seems to have two massive elastic bands supporting the foot plates which gives it a feel of running through custard, mmmmm custard.

Technogym Vario or as is now know the Custard Cross-Trainer
My friend Ms L works at the gym and she was been rating the benefits of the good old PowerPlate on Twitter and, as I hadn't been on it since before I was pregnant with Missy, I decided to get her to show me what's new.  She devised a half hour total body work-out for me and I'm loving it now too (Thanks Ms L!), although I do feel a bit of a tit lying on a step with a bright green elastic band tied round my thighs with my heels on the plate and my groin thrust skyward opening and closing my knees like Tina Turner at the gynaecologist whilst trying to conceal my camel toe - no mean feat, believe me!

What a coincidence, Tina and I have the same workout attire
I also made a foray into the world of gym classes recently, anyone that knows me knows I don't do gym classes, especially aerobic-style classes (ie Step & Body Attack).  I have absolutely no co-ordination whatsoever, I'm always going left when everyone else is going right.  However, I love Body Balance and had booked on for the new release when Mrs E suggested that I join her in Body Pump which was on at the same time and was something I have always wanted to try, so I defected and I'm so glad I did as it was fab.  I was completely crippled the next day (sitting down on the loo was a particular struggle) but I really enjoyed it and I could feel it working all the areas I never have the motivation to work when training independently which is a result.  I just need them to move Body Balance to a different evening with Mr O (my preferred Body Balance instructor) and I'll be fit in both body and mind.

I really want to try out the iPhone compatibility on the new machines but I have yet to find something suitable to watch on the big HD screens as you never know who will be looking over your shoulder!!

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