Sunday, 24 October 2010

A Cider Inside Her

Say the word cider to me and I immediately think of this Reeves & Mortimer sketch 'Noel's Addicts' with Ken, who suspends things in cider.

Mr Right and I are having a bit of a cider renaissance at the moment.  I have hated cider for years after a pretty nasty 'Blastaway' (Castaway and Diamond White) experience at the age of 19 but Mr Right recently bought a bottle of Kopparberg Pear Cider for us to try and I'm hooked.

The Pear cider tastes like peardrops in liquid form and it goes down just a little too easily for my liking (thankfully they do a non-alcoholic version)

Another of my faves is the Elderflower & Lime version but the king is the Mixed Fruit, this one is just like alcoholic Ribena.

I've yet to try the Apple or the Strawberry & Lime but will report back (if I'm not too inebriated to type) when I have.


  1. You should try stella cidre, not as sweet as magners


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