Sunday, 31 October 2010

Never Board Of Baby Books

I was enjoying an afternoon at Mrs D's house a while back and was leafing through one of her daughter's board books and happened upon this coincidental page

These two look nothing like my kids!
Speaking of board books, I recently got a load of Buster's old books down from the loft for Missy to enjoy and this was amongst them, it's an Usbourne Touchy-Feely volume that Mr Right was initially very interested in until he realised the subject matter was actually dogs and not the puppies he had in mind!

Those aren't my puppies, they're too hairy!
Touchy-Feely books are a godsend as Missy loves them, although I may have raised her expectation of books too high already as she now thinks they all have touchy-feely panels!

UPDATE:  I attended an Usbourne books party at Mrs D's a couple of weeks ago and happened upon a Touchy Feely Christmas edition that I thought would be ideal for Missy in lieu of an advent calendar, I was flicking through it and this page caught my eye

From then on the book was referred to as the Hairy Sack Book.  When I was about to finalise my order the Usbourne representative overheard me mention the Hairy Sack Book and, being the helpful saleswoman that she was, pointed me in the direction of the book she thought I was referring to...

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