Monday, 4 October 2010

Autumnal Optimist

So the summer holidays are a distant memory, Buster had a wonderful time.  He was away with Nanny and Grandad in the 'van' for a week in Dorset (doing a bit of geology with his rock hammer on Chesil Beach) and then spent a daredevil week at Sno!Camp at the SnoZone in Milton Keynes, he was snowboarding every morning and either bowling, watching a movie at the cinema, indoor skydiving, wakeboarding or rock-climbing in the afternoons.  We also had a family trip to the farm (Missy's first, she loved the goats), the Splash Park in St Albans and the Indoor Beach in The Centre MK.

Mr Right camped out in the back garden with Buster a couple of times over the holidays, the new must-have accessory in the Right house is a SPORK!  Mr Right has a Light My Fire titanium one that I bought him for his birthday and now Buster has put in a request for a red plastic one for Christmas (yes we have already had the Christmas list from Buster, in fact we are on the second draft!).  Mr Right would like to use his spork at every opportunity and was most disappointed that he didn't have it on him on a recent visit to M&S where we had purchased puds but they had no spoons (speaking of which, I had a rather yummy turkish delight jelly with a gooey chocolate topping, it was amazing!)

Sporking Hell!

Now that Summer is well and truly over I'm turning my attentions to my favourite season, Autumn.  I have been cooking up a storm with casseroles and crumbles and I love the Autumnal wardrobe, cosy coats and cardigans and sturdy boots and UGGs.  Mr Right bought me a beautiful black quilty Barbour for our 11th wedding anniversary way back in August and I am now finally able to wear it, along with the cosy new UGGs he bought me for my birthday, a much needed replacement for my smelly old ones which had worn so much on the soles it was like ice-skating in a couple of furry blocks of stinky cheese every time it rained!

I have also decided to buck the 80s trend (have we not been wearing this stuff now longer than the first time around?) and broke my original DMs out of retirement to wear with my Houlihans 

My beautiful 19 yr old babies, complete with holes and festival mud
With Autum comes Halloween and Guy Fawkes night, my two favourite festivals.  I'm looking forward to blogging about those in the coming weeks too!

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