Friday, 24 September 2010

Not So Current Affairs

David Haye Gang Rape Jibe

Sky News David Haye Story

After reading about boxer David Haye's 'Gang Rape' jibe, I'm hoping HE gets violated in the ring - pun very much intended!

Sad Story Alert!

Can't help thinking that the bambina just wanted to be with her parents  :(

Papal Visit

I did not join my fellow Britons in welcoming the Pope to the UK last week, for a start I kept reading the word Papal as PayPal which was pissing me off from the get-go and I also felt very strongly that one of the richest organisations on the planet could have funded their own security for the visit, oh and don't even get me started on the kiddie fiddling clergy, on that note this link doing the rounds on Twitter tickled me...

Colleen Rooney Littlewoods Ad

Not sure if you've seen the Colleen Rooney Littlewoods ad.

Colleen Rooney Littlewoods Ad YouTube

 'These boots were made for walking' like fuck were they! Maybe if you're referring to Wayne's, all over you.

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