Saturday, 31 July 2010

A Shed Load Of Crap

Well we spent the whole afternoon clearing out our shed.  It was so cluttered you couldn't actually get into it.  We have spent the last 10 years renovating our current house and the shed was just a dumping ground for tile cutting machines, wallpaper strippers and 100's of tins of paint.  Now that the house is finished we really needed to have a good sort out, so that's exactly what we did.

Two car trips to the tip later and this is the result.

We can finally get all the bikes in (Mr Right is convinced there's now room for him to get another bike, although why you would need more than one bike is beyond me) and enter the shed without having to re-enact the scene from 'Entrapment' when Catherine Zita Jones has to contort her body through all those lasers in a black lycra catsuit (although I have a feeling that Mr Right will rather miss his black lycra catsuit!).

The next area of attack is the loft, I have gradually been getting rid of Buster's old clothes and toys (8 year's worth!) on eBay but it's been slow going and there's still so much to get rid of.  I'll just keep plugging away as I have made some space (not to mention some cash).  It will be worth it in the end just to be rid of all the clutter.

Anyway, I have two followers now, so that's an improvement, would love it to be more but I suppose 'little acorns' and all that.  Although I do feel a little like I'm doing stand-up in a dingy pub somewhere where there are only two punters in the audience, let's hope they don't vote with their feet!

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  1. Men always think they need more than one bike - take Mr D for example one for mountain biking and one for racing! Neither gets too much use and most of the time they just gather dust! PS Loving the blog more each day!!!!!


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