Thursday, 29 July 2010

Ball Bags - Handbag Emporium

A friend of mine mentioned that she needed a purple clutch bag to go with a spiffy new dress she had bought, I was rifling about in Primarni on yet another fashion mission (Khaki Houlihans) when I happened upon this beauty for £4.00 and was ordered to make the purchase at once.

I wrapped this little baby up especially for her in a special 'Ball Bags' branded bag.  'Ball Bags' are purveyors of fine handbags and are the sister company to...

...'I've Got The Shoe-Horn, Have You?' whom she had sent out on a similar mission two years earlier for some gorgeous leopard-print shoes...

...perhaps I have missed my calling and should have been a personal shopper!

1 comment:

  1. You nutter!

    I need some new door furniture, perhaps your other company, Knobs and Knockers could help?


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